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Founded in June 2013, Precious Me Inc. is a 501(c)3 partnership program that brings together young women, parents, and mentors to help teens develop greater self-appreciation, relationship fundamentals, career development, and a commitment to community advocacy.

Precious Me Inc. is spearheaded by Founder Bianca Singleton. Affectionately known as “Miss B,” Singleton has an extensive knowledge and experiences in mentoring youth – primarily young women. She has a passion for youth, which is illustrated by her service as a guest speaker, etiquette instructor, and a dance coordinator for more than 12 years. Singleton works with a four-member board of directors, which includes Latisha Brown, Co-Chairman; Trish Williams Towns, Treasurer; and LaToria Jones, Committee Chairman, and three program directors.

The leaders and community supporters that fuel the mission of Precious Me Inc. strive daily to build girls, ages 11-18, of pride, courage, and confidence through a four-part curriculum: Diamond, self-identity reconstruction; Topaz, appearance molding; Ruby, life skills development; and Emerald, community advocacy. These four distinct tiers are referred to as the organization’s Precious Gems and are specifically catered to the different stages of a young woman’s life. Program participants experience a mirror of self-discovery, a balance of both outer and inner beauty, and a steadfast guide to the transformation into womanhood.

Since the organization’s inception, 35 participants have experienced the uplifting impact of its mission and five have successfully graduated from high school. The influencers at Precious Me Inc. envision a world where young women are equipped and empowered to become viable, self-sufficient, extraordinary citizens who uplift humanity through their innate gifts and talents. In addition to the organization’s three focus levels, Precious Me Inc. also offers enriching programs that cultivate the foundations of womanhood. These programs are the Beyond Beauty Talent and Fashion Showcase; the Precious Sisters Empowerment Project (PSE); and Girl Talk. The showcase is a two-part talent exhibit and fashion presentation that builds leadership and teaches valuable fundraising skills.

The PSE Project, which was founded at New Mercies Christian Church in Lilburn, Georgia, is a powerhouse empowerment hub designed to enrich and uplift participants through character, leadership, mentoring, and discipleship. Girl Talk is a counseling support group for teen girls that offers an educational approach to improving decision making, developing coping resources, and increasing self-esteem. Over the years, more than 30 partners have contributed to the success and impact of Precious Me Inc. Current organization partners are Young Life, New Mercies Christian Church, Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club.