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How is Precious Me Inc, different from any other mentoring program?

There is no need to “reinvent the wheel.” Mentoring/enrichment programs have survived several years with numerous tried and true methods. Different methods have led them to success by the basic component of all mentoring relationships, communication! Precious Me Inc enforces communication but in a way that young women of current times can understand. Although most programs utilize the adult to child model, this is not the primary means of their interaction. Precious Me Inc has centered their workshops on field experiences, experiential workshops, and peer-to-peer enrichment.

What are the skills /traits gained by participating in Precious Me Inc?

Our Precious Me Inc participants will gain various life adapting skills that will help make them extraordinary citizens within society, as well as enable them to have greater self-love and appreciation of themselves. These skills/traits include but are not limited to; embracement of individuality, relationship building, balanced nutrition, career development, financial literacy, community advocacy, and so much more!

Can my daughter benefit from participation in a single workshop?

Though every workshop is intended to be a life changer, each sector is structured like body system. They can run effectively individually but pieced together as a whole our participants will go to higher heights.

Are there any outside sources or speakers called in to assist the girls in their enrichment experience?

Yes, there will be various times, when qualified professionals will be asked to come and assist with the participants of the program. Rest assured, all guest workshop hosts and speakers will undergo a thorough interview and background check to ensure the utmost protection of your children. Hosts will never be allowed to speak or participate in workshops without an appropriate Precious Me Inc staff member present.

How can I become a Precious Me Inc sponsor?

Precious Me Inc is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. All sponsorships qualify for a tax deduction with appropriate receipt representation. Please see executive director, Bianca L. Singleton, for more information.

What type of background checks and interviews are done on guest hosts and speakers to ensure the safety of my daughter?

Full federal background checks are ran on each of our guest hosts along with an extensive interview performed by the Precious Me Inc executive director to ensure the authenticity and quality of the workshops presented to each of our participants.

What are your expectations as me being a participant in Precious Me Inc?

As a participant in our program, you are expected to be able and willing to grow, to be receptive and positive to those around you and above all have fun!